has become the latest carrier to join airline lobbying association Airlines for Europe (A4E).

The move came as A4E broadened its remit from campaigning on lowering the cost of the EU’s airports, delivering reliable and efficient airspace and removing unreasonable taxes to get involved in consumer issues by creating a dedicated working group. chief executive, Steve Heapy, said: “Airlines for Europe has, in a very short time, established itself as the leading association, representing the interests of European airlines.

“We are pleased to be adding’s support to the existing members, as we tackle the challenges of disproportionate increases in aviation taxes and the high levels of disruption, to both airlines and passengers, as a direct result of Air Traffic Control strikes.”

A4E has been criticising the continuous deficiencies caused by air traffic control strikes in France, Greece, Italy and Belgium and called the European Commission to remain at the helm of implementing a European aviation strategy without disruptions.

The organisation’s managing director, Thomas Reynaert, said: “The current European aviation landscape shows that A4E has defined the right issues to be tackled.

“New strikes, more taxes and higher operating costs at airports will always raise our opposition.

“We are glad to get more support with joining, which also shows that there is a joint approach across all business models – from low cost, leisure and network carriers. This will be to the benefit of all our member airlines.”