Hotel bookings into the US from Europe and Asia are up 20% and 19 respectively this year, according to global wholesaler Tourico Holidays.

The jump in inbound bookings to the US activity was boosted by a doubling in bookings from China year-on-year.

New York City continues to be the fastest-growing destination for international travellers – with Manhattan increasing by 32%, Long Island City up by 185% and Brooklyn up by 463%.

Tourico has also seen hotel booking growth throughout the country – including a 96% increase in Myrtle Beach, 385% up in Santa Fe and 81% in Phoenix.

Ellen Forrest, vice president of USA product development, said: “Brokering US travel products is at the core of our business and it continues to account for a large portion of our global revenue.

“As we continue to extend our reach and increase our presence in Europe and Asia, demand for our American hotel inventory continues to increase.

“To adequately meet that demand, we’re contracting more domestic suppliers and ensuring we have the proper local support to assist our clients.”

She added: “The demand for US hotels remains strong and we’ve made it our mission to ensure we have outstanding inventory at preferred rates – regardless of whether you’re headed to Manhattan or the Grand Canyon.”

To meet the booking demand, the company has opened several new offices, built teams dedicated exclusively to contracting tertiary markets and bolstered its US inventory, which is nearly 20,000 hotels strong.