A new TV advertisment featuring cabin crew is to be aired by Monarch today (Monday) as part of a brand awareness push by the leisure carrier.

The advert highlights Monarch’s cabin staff going ‘above and beyond’ and providing excellent service to travellers.

The commercial will be aired for four weeks starting today during Channel 4’s show ‘Superfoods’.

The advert will also appear on many other channels including much of the Sky TV network as part of a multi-channel campaign.

Monarch cabin crew appear in the advert Priya Mehta, from Gatwick; and Vasco Mendonca, Martin Crowder-James and Geri Dargan, all based at Manchester airport.

The brand awareness campaign will also include social media, radio, email, digital and outdoor advertising.

Monarch head of digital and marketing, Ian Chambers, said: “The TV ad and multi-channel campaign has been created to reflect Monarch’s values and highlight the warmth of our customer service. ‘Our people make us’ is the end line for the advert and the story is very genuine.

“It was very important for us to use members of Monarch cabin crew, not actors as these are the real people who serve our customers on a daily basis and we were very excited with the result.”

Dargan said: “Filming the ad was great. I’ve been cabin crew for almost 20 years – and I love my job.  But it’s not every day you get to star in your company’s television advertisement.”