A Lowcost Holidays customer received an insensitive email from the firm just two days after losing thousands of pounds on a holiday.

Victoria Leonard, 35, booked a holiday with the travel firm on July 14 – only to find out her holiday was cancelled just hours later.

She spent £2,200 to take her six-year-old daughter Ava and mother Hilary Andrews, 59, away and has no idea if she will get her money back following the firm’s failure on Friday.

However, Leonard received an email from the firm two days later on Sunday asking for feedback on its service.

The email asked “how did we do?” before offering a £100 voucher for taking part in a survey.

It said: “Hi Victoria, Thanks for booking with lowcostholidays. We’d love to hear your feedback about your booking experience, so we’re giving you the chance to WIN a £100 lowcostholidays voucher if you share it with us!”

Leonard found out about the failure within 24 hours ando was able to cancel her Jet2 flights and receive a refund – but she has no idea if she will get the money back from the hotel.

She told The Sun: “I booked the hotel at 9.30pm on Thursday night and received confirmation saying thank you, your holiday is booked and found out they’d gone bust just hours later on the Friday afternoon.

“I thought ‘how can they take the full amount for that holiday the night before they’ve gone into administration?’ I don’t know how it all works but surely somebody knew somewhere that this would have been happening.

“I felt scammed, I’m sorry but they must have known something was happening.”

Her brother-in-law Daniel Harper, who was forced to fly back from his family holiday last week after just three days due to the company going bust, shared the email with The Sun Online.

He said: “Are they for real? Nobody can get hold of them but they can send emails like this.”