Neilson is to drop a third Beachclub in Turkey on the back of falling demand, but plans to open properties in Croatia, Greece and Sardinia.

The Seaside Beachclub in Ortakent will close at the end of October. Two other Turkey resorts – Andriake Beachclub in Demre and the Adakoy Beachclub near Marmaris – closed earlier this year.

Its Phokaia Beachclub in Foca will remain open for 2017.

Managing director David Taylor said Seaside had “not performed as well as normal” this year and the lease was coming to an end.

“With the concerns around Turkey, the market as it is and with the [Seaside] lease coming to a natural end, we decided to just focus on our other club in Turkey,” he said.

“We hope to go back [to Turkey] when the market calms and consumer confidence is restored.”

Taylor said the company had been looking to expand outside of Greece and Turkey in the last year.

Neilson will open the Alana Beachclub in Paklenica, Croatia and the Baia del Mori Beachclub, Budoni, Sardinia for 2017 and has not ruled out opening more in Italy.

Buca Beachclub – the company’s first adult-only resort – will open near Kalamata, Greece next year.

The changes mean Neilson will operate 10 Beachclubs in 2017.

“We’ve been hunting [for clubs] in the western Mediterranean and the two new destinations [Croatia and Italy] were up there on our target list,” said Taylor.

“Croatia is fantastic for what we do with water and land sports and we always wanted something with a Mediterranean feel and Sardinia trumped all others.”

Asked where else Neilson would look to operate in the future, Taylor said: “We’re looking at other parts of Italy.”

Neilson’s new programme goes on sale on September 6.

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