European travellers are spending more money on holidays in the UK after the Brexit vote.

But traffic from UK consumers to online travel sites fell in the immediate aftermath of the June 23 referendum.

The data emerged today from a study of e-commerce activity of online travel agents in June and July by user experience analytics company ContentSquare.

The study found that the average value of purchases to UK destinations rose by 38%, and online searches for UK destinations rose by 10%, after the June 23 vote to leave the EU.

Between a normal Thursday and Friday, UK traffic to travel sites drops by around 9%. Between Thursday, June 23, the day of the vote, and the following day when the result was announced, traffic to online travel sites fell by 23%.

UK shoppers are less hesitant and more impulsive than other nationalities when purchasing travel packages online, spending 25% less time than average between hovering over a button and clicking it, according to the company.

ContentSquare UK managing director, Duncan Keene, said: “The past few months have been full of uncertainty for businesses, and the travel sector is no exception.

“While the weak pound has likely influenced the trends we’ve uncovered, the data also highlights the need for OTAs to review their online purchase funnels to ensure that all opportunities are being leveraged to their fullest extent.”