An air link between Cardiff and London City airports will continue while demand exists, according to the airline.

Flybe originally planned to run the service on a temporary basis three times a day until October 21 while the Severn Tunnel was closed as part of a rail electrification scheme.

But the regional carrier said there had been a “very promising” uptake, with 95% of passengers surveyed saying they would continue using the flights.

The service has now been extended.

Tickets are now available for the coming weeks, with Cardiff airport chief executive Roger Lewis saying “the immediate future” is secure, the BBC reported.

He wants to see continued use to make it a long-term route at the airport.

Flybe chief revenue officer Vincent Hodder said: “This route has quite simply taken off, quickly becoming an early success.

“We have been heartened by the response it has received.”

The flight time is about an hour, but the record journey to date is 35 minutes.