Independent travel agents have been urged to use joint branding alongside Jet2holidays to increase sales.

Alan Cross, head of trade at the operator, talked delegates at its annual conference through the options – which include everything from branded furniture and pens to shop signs and mobile trailers.

Cross said agents who have implemented the joint branding have seen “great results”.

In his presentation, called ‘Don’t fear the brand’, he said: “It’s a way of making the office feel fresh without spending big money and when you’ve got low footfall it helps.

“You are not becoming a Jet2 Holidays shop, but you are letting the customer know that if they want to book a Jet2 Holiday they can book it through this professional.”

Joint branding includes Jet2’s logo being used alongside the independent travel agent’s own logo. They ask for at least 25% of the space if Jet2 Holidays features on a shop’s main sign.

Tony Mann, director of Bradford-based Idle Travel, said his sales have increased in each of the last eight years since he started joint branding with Jet2 Holidays – which now accounts for more than half of his sales.

He said: “We’ve done billboards, bus shelters, window displays and put leaflets through people’s letter boxes. People are saying they haven’t booked through an agency for years but come back because we sell Jet2.

“As a small agency, we don’t have big budgets for advertising so it’s great to have our name so prominently alongside a brand like Jet2.”

He has arranged to display in the mobile travel agent trailer at the Bingley Show and in the car park of a nearby Morrison’s supermarket in January.