Monarch has reported a jump in usage of its mobile interfaces in the past week, with bookings made by mobile up 176% year-on-year on Christmas Day and 206% year-on-year on Boxing Day.

The group said the booking trends marked a third successive year of growth in mobile bookings over the festive period.

Monarch said mobile traffic and use of its mobile app was up 44% on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The current app has more than 440,000 downloads, with a new iOS version due to be launched in early 2017.

The airline and operator said the winter sun destinations of Tenerife, Malaga and Faro were the most popular destinations for customers who had responded positively to the company’s decision to drop credit card fees.

Rob Foulkes, senior marketing and digital manager, said: “Mobile conversion rate was significantly up year-on-year on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“Removing barriers like credit card fees has had a very positive impact on sales over the festive period and customers now feel more confident booking on their mobile than ever before.

“Customers are nearly three times as likely to book on mobile compared to last year with transactions up almost 300%.”