THE clatter of zimmer frames and rustle of blue-rinse wigs may be heard around Air New Zealand check-in desks over the next few weeks.

Ausbound has come up with a clever initiative to boost the number of pensioners travelling on its ANZ flights.

The simple scheme means the older you are the less you pay. Octagenarians can shuffle in for half-price fares starting at ú329 return, while those of pensionable age qualify for ú575 tickets. Youngsters between 12-49 pay ú730.

Pensioners wishing to check out hip Hollywood can also stop over in Los Angeles on the way down to New Zealand.

OAPs have until April 30 to book their dream trip Down Under and then two months to take the flights to see the sights.

Ausbound’s cunning plan has spurred Backchat’s team to come up with some more clever wheezes to shift some more spare tickets.

Perhaps, passengers who have a fairly healthy appetite should pay more for their fares on the basis they will probably eat more, but then travellers who are a little on the small side should pay less as they won’t take up as much space.