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A prestigious firm indeed

I feel it is in the interest of my travel colleagues to share my recent experiences with you. At a time when we are seeing our commissions slashed and bullying tactics by the big airlines, it is easy to slump into depression at what is happening to our industry.

On a busy day in our office, a client asked for a quality break to Tenerife. We suggested one of our top tour operators Prestige Holidays. Numerous telephone calls were exchanged between ourselves, the client and Prestige as it seemed our passenger wanted to know the inside leg measurement of the hotel manager! Having worked on and off on this booking for two days, we were amazed when the client phoned to say she had booked direct and thanked us, of course, for all our hard work and advice in selecting the hotel.

This was shortly followed by a call from John Dixon, the managing director of Prestige, who had noted and appreciated all the work we had done.

After the client had travelled, I received a full commission cheque from Prestige.

What a breath of fresh air this was. The personal touch is still in travel. A big thank you to Prestige which has restored my faith in the industry – for a short time at least.

Chris Dewey, Manager, Davis World Travel, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire

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