A review of Foreign Office (FCDO) advice will be “critical” to travel’s restart, according to Abta director of industry relations Susan Deer.

She told the Travel Weekly Future of Travel Forum: “We know the FCDO is taking advice on risk assessment from Public Health England. That risk assessment must take into account the vaccination programme, which it hasn’t done until now.

“We need to see the criteria and principles behind that risk assessment. We know some of the things have nothing to do with case numbers [in a destination]. They may be to do with hospital capacity and the ability of a country to cope. [But] if people have been vaccinated, should that be taken into account in a risk assessment?”

Deer insisted: “It’s critical the travel advice is reviewed. We know the risk assessment for travel advice is different to the risk assessment for UK public health. But they’re both based on medical advice from the Joint Biosecurity Centre and Public Health England. They need to run side by side.”

She warned that keeping customers informed is “going to be a challenge”, but said: “The more coordination and common standards we have, the easier the messaging to travellers is going to be.

“We’re saying to destinations ‘As you plan your restart, think about the border and health requirements. But also think about what you want to communicate to travellers.”