The chief executive of Aurora Expeditions has reported that more Britons “than ever before” are booking with the Australian expedition line.

Speaking at the Clia Luxury and Expedition Showcase on Thursday (April 22), Monique Ponfoort said passengers were increasingly “looking for a special adventure” and “wanting to reconnect with nature” as the world emerged from the pandemic.

She said: “We know this year has been a very tough year for you [Britons]. We know now more than ever that guests from the UK are coming to us.

“We’re seeing an increasing number of people really wanting and looking for a special adventure experience and wanting to reconnect with nature. We’re seeing quite high demand coming through.

“For us it is a fairly easy connection. It is a nice fit between us and the Brits – so we know how to enjoy each other’s company, have a laugh and have a good time.”

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She added: “We’re designed for discovery so our ships are well equipped for expedition – our guests make the most of every single day.

“But we’re also equipped for living comfortably. It all starts with the size of our expeditions ships – 120 to 130 passengers. It means that guests can get off multiple times a day and explore.”

Ponfoort said the “only upside” of the pandemic for the luxury line had been that it had allowed time to do more research for future itineraries.

“We really reach out to specialists in the area and sit down and design the itineraries,” she said. “The only enjoyable and upside of the pandemic has been the amount of time we have been able to research and designing future voyages.”

Aurora Expeditions currently operates one ship – Greg Mortimer – but a second vessel will join in October this year.

Both ships have inverted bows to help them sail in the ocean “with ease” and are designed to emulate dolphins, Ponfoort said.

“It is a very different design from other ships,” she added. “It is something quite special.”