Low-cost training for travel sector staff whose jobs have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic is being offered by a start-up firm.

Progressive Travel Training is providing three modules free of charge including a stress management course. Paid courses start at £30.

Agents are being offered 12 e-learning courses, authored by  experts in their respective fields, and created to elevate the industry from within.

Free course covering migrating to remote travel home working and blog writing to boost travel businesses are also available.

Other courses are:

  • How to sell travel and achieve sales success (£50)
  • Managing travel consultants to sales success (£50)
  • Complaint resolution & great travel customer service (£30)
  • Increase your travel enquiries using Facebook (£30)
  • Time management (working smarter not harder) (£30)
  • Presentation skills in travel (£50)
  • Get noticed and get the travel job (£50)
  • Successful corporate travel account management (£50)

Training and recruitment experts Fi Morrison-Arnthal, Tony Macdonald and James Roberts have established the business.

They aim to help travel personnel who might now be responsible for their own learning costs after being made redundant or going self-employed during the pandemic.

Employers who want to invest in their teams but have faced tough trading conditions over the last 12 months are also being targeted.

Co-founder Morrison-Arnthal said: “It’s apparent that formal training and in-house trainers are a luxury many travel businesses and agents cannot currently afford and, while there is plenty of online training available covering destinations, product and GDS skills, travel industry employees are frustrated about the limited soft skills available.

“We have launched Progressive Travel Training to address that need, and to give back to the industry we love – sharing everything we know with a community that is ready to progress and come back post-Covid thriving.”