Report by Louise Longman

JMC AIRLINES has responded to mounting reports linking deep
vein thrombosis and air travel with the launch of an in-flight “Care in the Air”
programme on long and short-haul flights.

Care in the Air will provide customers with information in
pre-departure leaflets in ticket wallets, a customer health information line
and Web site, three pages of information, advice and exercises in in-flight
magazines, including an article written by consultant vascular surgeon Dr John
Scurr from Middlesex hospital and airport ticket desk displays. An exercise
video will also be produced.

However, JMC Airlines will not increase seat pitch. In
short-haul it offers 28 and 29 inches of seat pitch; and in long haul it
provides passengers with between 30 and 33 inches. JMC’s premium cabin in
long-haul offers passengers 38 inches.