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Title: Issue Date: 23/04/01
Author: Page Number: 78
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Self-publicist appears to have gone camera shy

Endacott: all posed out

Watch this space: just a smallcollection of recent stories about Endacott

TAKE a good look at this man’s face. You won’t be seeing him in Travel Weekly for quite a while. At least that’s what he tells us.

Poor shy and retiring Urbanweb managing director Steve Endacott regularly gets berated for being a publicity seeker who’s only too eager to spout off and get his mug in Travel Weekly as often as he can.

He even got a mention at December’s Alternative Travel Awards for being the industry’s main contender in the self-publicist department.

But now it seems even Steve’s had enough.

Last week, when Last Word was looking for a picture to go along with a story about Endacott’s latest venture called Cabbie Speak, Steve told us he would get call centre director Lesley Fidell to pose instead.

“I’m in the paper too much these days, and even I’m getting sick of it!” he said.

Anyone willing to place a bet on how long Steve can stay out in the wilderness for?

As a final tribute we’re publishing a picture that Steve loves to hate – the one of him wearing an orange shirt.