Holidays plans more aggressive tactics to increase early bookings following a
£2 million loan from sister company Excel Aviation.

and marketing director Paul Riches said: “We will be considering other plans
and aggressive tactics which we may not have otherwise

at this time. It will allow us to be more aggressive and work on marketing and
advertising plans to encourage people to book.”

said Libra’s campaign to drive more early sales had been largely successful
until the fall-off in bookings during January and February.

have been successful on a cumulative basis but the past month or so has been

is expected to raise about £25 million from selling a quarter of its 81% stake
in the airline, but needs the loan to drive its marketing campaign while it
awaits the funds.

operator is also introducing £50 discounts for the peak season, more aggressive
May and June prices, and a lottery for agents to win £1,000 a week.

moves come as summer 2003 bookings stall, with holidaymakers waiting to see
what happens in Iraq.