Dear colleague

Once again, World Travel Market is looming and Travel Weekly is
beginning to plan its editorial coverage. Hopefully, you’ve
started thinking about the show too!

In ‘related articles’ (bottom right of this page) is an outline
of how we will be organising coverage this year, both in terms of
the WTM Preview edition of Travel Weekly (October 29) and our daily
editions at the show.

Deadline details are included, along with copies of the
interview/photograph request forms. There are TWO forms – one
for interviews to take place in the run up to WTM and one for
interviews and pictures at the show. Please note, you MUST get your
requests in by the deadlines. We need time to draw up a schedule
and confirm your slot and will not accept any forms that arrive

Obviously, to appear in the Monday show edition, you must
arrange an interview before the show begins. Our WTM team will
begin interviews from October 11 this year.

We request that you do not submit multiple requests for the same
destination/company. Obviously, PR companies with a number of
clients at WTM should photocopy the form and submit one per

We look forward to working with you again this year and hope you
have a successful and profitable World Travel Market.

Best wishes


Martin Lane