Operators are remaining upbeat about the Indian Ocean
despite a second earthquake in just three months and the threat of
a third.

They admitted the most recent earthquake, which struck on Monday
off the northwest coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, could dent
business in the short term.

Tourism in the area is still recovering from the impact of the
tsunami, which struck some of the region’s top tourist
destinations on Boxing Day.

Kuoni said it hadn’t received any cancellations for the
area following the quake. A spokeswoman said: “We expect it to be
affected in the short term but it will be back to normal in a few
months. The recovery from the tsunami was going the right way but
it’s too early to say at this stage what the effect has been
on sales.”

Somak general manager Far East Rob Haynes said he had not even
had an enquiry about cancelling a booking to the region.

Although the most recent earthquake was just 100 miles from the
previous one and nearly as powerful, it didn’t create a tidal
wave. However, up to 2,000 are feared dead, though surfers’
paradise Nias was the only tourist destination affected. Experts
fear a third earthquake is a possibility.