matt hampton 2005Up here in our ivory tower, it’s easy to think that everything we do will be of immense use to agents. But then you get asked to produce a guide about Cyprus. I mean… what do you say? Surely every consultant in the UK could sell the Mediterranean sunshine isle with their eyes shut?

While it’s probably true that shifting your bog-standard seven and 14 nights requires the same amount of thought that Kate Moss puts in to picking her boyfriends, it’s also true that Cypriot tourism bosses have put plenty of effort – and money – into attracting new, higher spending, visitors. Improved hotels and infrastructure, new spa facilities, developing niche markets like sport and weddings, and a focus on the corporate meetings and incentive business are all doing wonders to boost average spend.

That said, Cyprus remains a great place to soak up some rays, especially for families. Of course, there are plenty of suppliers to make the most of the dynamic packaging trend too when you’re dealing with those bread-and-butter bookings, but with so much variety now on offer from the traditional operators, the biggest decision you’ll have to make is who is going to rack up the biggest commission for you.

Happy reading. We’ve found out plenty we didn’t know about Cyprus – and hope you do too.

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Matthew Hampton
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