managing director Stuart Jackson has slammed accommodation-only agents who do not offer full consumer protection and accused them of dragging the industry back 20 years.

The Cosmos-owned accommodation-only firm acts as a principal, which means its customers have the same level of protection they would have from a fully-bonded package.

However, Jackson said the level of protection accommodation-only agents have is nowhere near as comprehensive.

“It’s ridiculous. Twenty years ago the industry had a reputation for being run by cowboys,” he said. “Now in 2007 experienced tour operators are acting like cowboys again.”

Several accommodation-only agents claimed they would become principals following the death of two children from carbon monoxide poisoning in Greece in October last year.

However, Jackson claims they “don’t have the political will”.

Seligo and new accommodation-only firm are also principals, other accommodation-only firms are looking to introduce indemnity insurance.

Meanwhile, Jackson claimed Somewhere2stay has experienced triple-digit growth since Christmas. The increase is part of the Cosmos Group’s dynamic packaging sales which are outstripping package holiday sales by seven to one, despite a 10% growth in the package market.