As any seasoned Pow Wow veteran will tell you, the social events are about as important as the business sessions.

The American hosts are used to putting on a good show and this year is no exception. Before it all begins though, be sure to call in at the UK and Ireland party on Sunday evening. Now a traditional event, this is the one that kicks it all off.

This year it’s at the Catal Restaurant, Downtown Disney. Buses to Disneyland will be provided from the Anaheim Marriott, where most of the Brits will be staying, from 3.45pm.

Downtown DisneyFrom the pre-party it’s a short hop to the official opening event, sponsored by Disney. Delegates will have the run of the California Adventure Park, although the focus will be on the bars and food stalls.

On the Monday night, it’s over to another park, and one that prides itself on being older than Disney. Knott’s Berry Farm traces its roots back to the 1920s, when Walter and Cordelia Knot leased the land the current park sits on.

The rides didn’t arrive until the 1960s, but US visitors flocked to the Knotts for their tangy boysenberries and other tasty fare. 
Tuesday is an open evening with no official events so delegates are free to sample Anaheim’s restaurants. There are quite a few private parties going on so work your contacts and see if you can score an invite.

The grand finale is sponsored by Anaheim and Orange County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and will celebrate all things OC. The hit show has taken Channel 4 by storm so expect plenty of tie-ins – OC-tini anyone?