Advantage has ruled out any more discussions on whether to join the Triton merger, despite potential board changes.

Two board directors, Nick Marks of Baldwins Travel and Roderick Thompson of Regent Travel, are standing for re-election after serving two years representing leisure members.

The positions are being contested by Ray Tyler of Courtesy Travel, and Jackie Steadman of Traveltime International. A third board member, Doreen Duncan of Travel Alliance, has been re-elected unopposed to represent business travel.

The board, which is made up of two executive directors and seven elected directors, recently ditched plans to merge with Triton Travel Group members Global Travel Group and Worldchoice.

Chief executive John McEwan said the matter was now closed unless a majority of board members called for the decision to be discussed.

He added: “More than 100 members have come back to us verbally or in writing to say they are pleased with the decision. They now want us to focus on developing Advantage.”

Members have until July 2 to vote on the board positions. 

Meanwhile, Triton consultant and Global founder George Begg said: “If asked to revisit this, our attitude would be that the door is open.”

He said several Advantage members had contacted Global and Worldchoice following Advantage’s decision but had been referred back to their own consortium. The consortia have a gentleman’s agreement not to poach each other’s members.

McEwan added: “Members are free to move but we will not knock on members’ doors and we have not had any members talk to us about leaving; the feedback has been incredibly positive.”