Agents affected by floodwater in the south-east and west of England tell of their experiences.

Tim Lean, managing director of Pound Savers Travel in Upton-upon-Severn

“Luckily our business is on the first floor, but the entrance was swamped. Cars outside the office had water up to their windows. We were evacuated on Saturday, but on Monday we got in and stayed open. People were worried about whether they would have to cancel their holiday.”

“If they [travellers] were due to travel in the short-term they were not able to go because they had more important things on their minds. But a few have said: ‘Sod it, we’re going away,’” .

Stephanie Jepson, manager of Courtney World Travel in Tewkesbury

“We had to paddle into work and go on a detour of several miles to get in.”

“We were one of the only businesses open on the high street. Some of our clients were due to fly to Canada, but the bottom floor of their house was flooded and they were trapped by the water. We’re trying to sort out the claim for them because we can’t get the paper work to them.”

Jo Blissett, international travel consultant, Flight Centre, Gloucester

After struggling into work through ankle-deep water last Friday, Blisset said “many clients were sticking to their travel plans. A lot of people affected are still looking to get away, thinking the insurance firms can deal with it on their return.”

Lisa Smith, assistant manager, Miles Morgan Travel, Bishops Cleeve, near Cheltenham

Despite a lack of water and no toilet facilities, Lisa told us how Miles Morgan Travel had remained open.

“We have been warned the electricity might go,” she said. “Bookings have dropped as a result.  People are worried about their houses so the shop’s been quiet,”

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