Bed bank is on target to double its turnover for 2007 to £100 million.

The news comes as the company announces last year’s accounts, to be signed off this week, would show pre-tax profit of £2.1 million for the financial year ending October 31 2006.

The sales prediction for 2007 would represent the third year in a row that the accommodation-only supplier has doubled its turnover. Turnover for 2006 was £47 million and for 2005 was £27 million.

Managing director Haim Perry said: “We are heading for £100 million turnover for 2007 and a very significant profit will come from this.”

Meanwhile, Perry blamed recent “scaremongering” about the company, including rumours of a potential sale to rival, on one of its competitors.

“They should be more concerned with running their own businesses than looking at what others are doing and spreading malicious rumours,” he said.

Perry vigorously denied the company was up for sale and said that, in any case, bids would only be considered if a company was prepared to keep him on as a 42% shareholder and take the business on to the next stage.