The customer may always be right, but that doesn’t stop them being difficult now and again.

We know agents frequently deal with requests that range from the eccentric to the downright unreasonable – and in return for sharing them we’re offering you the chance to win £50 of Marks and Spencers vouchers.

And as well as getting it all off your chest you’ll provide your fellow agents with some light relief.

So, if you have had a ridiculous request from a customer use the form below to tell us. The best story will win the vouchers.

Submissions may be published by Travel Weekly. Please tell us if you wish to remain anonymous.

* The form will message us using your computer’s email software. If you are unable to use the form email us at, with ‘Client requests’ in the subject line. Include your name and job title.

Closing date: 5pm on September 30


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