has launched a new website featuring holiday news and independent destination reviews.

The new site is owner IBG‘s first step into user-generated content and it is expected to spawna community of “informed bargain holiday seekers”.

Users will be able to access regularly updated articles on a range of holiday destinations as well as tour operators’ news. Holidaymakers will be asked to share their thoughts on resorts rather than individual properties.

IBG marketing director Nic Costa said: “Our decision to focus on resort-level reviews is aimed at filling a gap in the market. We feel that we can engage our existing travellers to help their peers distinguish between which resorts to goto, rather than which specific hotels to stay in. is also launching a dedicated channel for ski holidays. As well as package holiday deals, the site includes free guides on how to prepare for a ski holiday.

IBG chief executiveMaz Darvish said: “While beach holidays are served by many websites featuring both deals and content, there is a distinct lack of websites serving the snow market. With this new channel, intends to improve the accessibility of ski holidays to the wide audience of holiday bargainfinders on the web.”