Hertz has introduced its Green Collection of environmentally friendly cars to France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

The Green Collection was launched in the US and Canada last year before being introduced to the UK, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. The latest additions mean the service is available from 50 outlets in 10 countries across Europe.

The fleet has 6,200 small, medium and full-size automatic and manual vehicles identified as producing lower CO2 emissions.

Hertz marketing director Lesley Lindberg said that because it cost the same to hire a car from the Green Collection as any other vehicle, the response had been overwhelming.

“We are working with car manufacturers to expand the Green Collection to ensure more of our customers have the choice to make their contribution to being more

Customers can choose from Peugeot, Renault Megane, Toyota Prius, Ford Focus and Skoda Octavia.

However, Alamo Rent A Car marketing manager Dawn Clayton said producing environmentally friendly cars is commercially unviable as the cost of development and manufacturing has to be passed on to the consumer.

“Until customers see a specific value in paying more for these vehicles, it is unlikely there will be a significant change in the type of cars we offer,” she said.

“However, with last year’s publication of the Stern Report on the effects of climate change, which highlighted the likelihood of green taxes, we could see eco-friendly vehicles becoming a more viable proposition in the near future.”