The Guardian

President Bush toured areas of southern California affected by the brush fires, promising support for those who lost their homes and livlihoods to the flames.

There was a carnival atmosphere on the first flight of the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380. The world’s largest passenger plane completed its first commercial flight from Singapore to Sydney yesterday. Regular service on the route begins on Sunday and as more airplanes are delivered, Singapore Airlines will use the superjumbo on long-haul flights to London.


Daily Telegraph

Long Island in Poole Harbour, Dorset, is on sale with offers for more than £1 million being considered. The island has no homes and there is no planning permission to build one, so the owner will have to pitch a tent in the wilderness.

Dean Plumb, a survivor of the Algarve drowning, has spoken about his escape from the currents. Speaking from his bed in Barlavento Algarvio Hospital in Portimao, he recounted how he saved his 12-year-old son Sam from the tides.

The Major of Paris is cracking down on people who urinate in public after seeing dozens of men relieving themselves againt the walls of Paris town hall during the rugby World Cup. The town’s hygiene workers have to clean an average of 56,000 sq metres of urine-splashed surfaces per month.


The Independent

British Airways have announced it is banning surfboards from all its flights from November 6. The surfing community is up in arms, pointing out that snowboards, bicycles and skis are still allowed.


Financial Times

EasyJet is buying GB Airways, a franchise carrier of British Airways operating largely from Gatwick, from the Gibraltar-based Bland Group for £103.5m cash.