The introduction of Chip and PIN technology has led to an explosion in card-not-present fraud.

Jason Kempton, senior project manager at UK payment association APACS said as security has been tightened on over-the-counter fraud, criminals are targeting easier opportunities elsewhere.

The type of fraud which uses the telephone or the Internet now accounts for more than half of all fraud involving credit cards and cheques in the UK. This follows a 41%

growth in the last two years. Last year alone, card-not-present fraud cost the country more than £200 million of a total £428 million in credit card fraud.

Kempton said: “We do have a large amount of fraud in the UK and we see cases of card-not-present fraud continuing to grow. Fraudsters look for the weakest link.”

As a result he urged travel bosses to start adopting 3-D security measures while also ensuring all their staff are fully trained to fight fraud.

Kempton added APACS is considering organising a publicity campaign to target consumers about the need for 3-D security, although he said no plans have been finalised.