Daily Mail

British Airways is flying dozens of empty jets over the Atlantic because of a shortage of cabin crew. The services have been flying between Canada and the US in the past two weeks.


The Daily Telegraph

Railway stations, airports and power plants will have to be revamped to make them better protected from car bomb attacks, says a report by security minister Admiral Lord West. More trained staff are needed to reduce the risk of suicide bombing.

The first Eurostar train departs from St Pancras today. Its arrival in Paris will mark a historic moment, marking the completion of nine years of work.


One in three people think Mount Everest is in Europe and only half are aware that the Nile is the longest river in the world, according to a survey published today.

The trade and investment minister Lord Jones urged Britain’s motor industry to play its part in the battle against climate change at the Guardian News and Media motor industry lunch yesterday.

The Times

The five Eurostar platforms at Waterloo Station in London are to lie empty for at least a year, the Government has admitted.

A British Airways check-in worker has said the company has a “culture of hostility” towards Christianity. She was suspended for wearing a cross the size of a 5p piece around her neck.

Financial Times

The ban on carrying one piece of hand luggage will cease, transport secretary Ruth Kelly will announce today.