Backpackers do not always take out travel insurance despite carrying more than £600 worth of goods on their travels, according to a survey by insurance website

Despite carrying at least £200 worth of gadgets – such as mobile phones, laptops and digital cameras – almost a third of backpackers are not taking out any travel insurance.

The poll also revealed that an unlucky one in ten travellers has been hit by thieves, losing goods worth an average of more than £100. Eight per cent also had their bags taken from the luggage carousel at the airport. operations manager Jack Harris said: “What’s astonishing for us as an insurance provider is that the main reason given for not taking out adequate travel insurance was the cost.

“When people are carrying more than £600 worth of goods with them, and when the average backpacker insurance policy for a 12 month trip is less than £5 per week, this is a complete false economy.

“There seems to be a lack of awareness and understanding of how essential travel insurance really is and we hope to change that.”

The poll also revealed that traveller’s biggest concern is their personal safety while 17 per cent worry about running out of money.