is to offer Google Maps on its website to allow agents to search the bed bank´sproperty locations.

The bed bank plans to roll out the maps across its Mediterranean beach product range in a month´s time.

Group trade director Carl Burrows said the move would provide another way for agents to research and book the company´s product.

He said: “Agents can already book by star rating and destination, but this will show on the map where the hotels are in each resort and you can click on them to get more information.

“If one hotel is full you can see quickly where other nearby hotels are with pìnpoint accuracy. It´s also fun and innovative for agents to use.”

Meanwhile, the bed bank has recently improved and developed specific sections of its website to deal with bookings for disabled holidaymakers and groups.

It has 63 disabled-friendly hotels listed, which will be increased to 80 by the end of the year, to help agents make bookings for disabled customers. The hotels are vetted by staff to specific criteria, including sufficient shower facilities, and is already attracting five to six bookings a day.

For groups, the bed bank now has two dedicated staff to deal with group bookings and has created a database of hotels which are suitable for this sector.