Kosmar is considering whether to extend its programme into winter for the first time as it looks to enhance its package offering rather than cash in on the dynamic packaging boom.

Managing director Abhi Dighe said being part of XL Leisure Group – which bought the operator in July 2006 – had created opportunities for a year-round programme.

He said: “We don’t currently offer winter holidays but we are toying with lots of options. Given the group has an airline that operates routes already, we would be able to add value. It’s something we are still talking about.”

He said any decision would be based on a programme which “fitted the ethos” of the company. Obvious destinations which Kosmar could expand into for winter would be Egypt, he said.

Already the operator offers Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt as part of its summer programme.

The move could increase the size of the niche operator’s programme considerably.

“We want Kosmar to be as big as is sustainable and profitable. It’s about growing in the correct way and not losing hold of quality.”

Dighe said the tour operator had no plans to offer accommodation-only because it is already offered by parts of the group, such as XL Holidays. Its focus will remain full service package holidays and enhancing experiences such as cultural excursions based on customer demand.

“I feel it would be selling my soul if I just sold beds in isolation. I want all my customers to buy into the same concept,” he added.

He claimed agents were already seeing customers who had been on dynamic packages returning to book traditional package holidays. There was still clear demand for reps and welcome meetings, he added.