The number-one choice for UK honeymooners is a sun and beach holiday.

Unsurprisingly, 45% of first and second-time honeymooners questioned in MSC Cruises’ poll plumped for a sun, sea and sand holiday after getting wed.

Meanwhile, 23% opted for a city break and a further 23% chose a combination of beach and activity for their honeymoon. Only 10% chose a purely activity-based holiday.

However, more than half, 55%, suggested they are open to alternative types of holiday.

According to MSC Cruises UK managing director Claudia Baino, this should give agents confidence to suggest different types of sun

She said: “It’s a great chance for agents to be creative with ­clients. Many would not have thought of a cruise, which offers a wealth of varied experiences.”

MSC recently launched wedding and honeymoon packages.

The research suggested that for eight out of 10 couples, the destination is a mutual decision.