Managing director of The Co-operative Travel Mike Greenacre has backed the Competition Commission’s “emerging thinking” report on BAA’s monopoly and has slammed the organisation as “inefficient, ineffective and complacent”.

He believes that unless the government intervenes many UK airports will grind to a halt.

He said: “BAA’s main focus is its offering to the consumer revolves around how many designer shops, cafes and restaurants it can provide in order to extract as much revenue as possible from the captive audience that are its million of travellers.

“The ridiculous queues at both check-in and security – where there is inconsistency and confusion amongst holidaymakers – come as a direct result of a lack of investment from BAA, both in terms of staffing and equipment.

“The solutions to these problems can only arrive through increased competition, which will result in more investment in airport investment in airport infrastructure, a comprehensive review and standardisation of security procedures and a minimum service level agreement for customers.”