The Global Travel Group has signed a long-term deal with the Allbury Travel Group guaranteeing set rates of commission for all sales made by the end of the 2009 summer season.

Global commercial director Dave Clayton said the move was part of a policy to sign suppliers up for long-term deals as opposed to the traditional approach of signing up season-by-season deals.

He added: “When we co-ordinated all the deals through Triton we took the decision to do longer term deals rather than seasonal ones.

“Seasonal deals mean you’re only as good as your last season and in any commercial environment you’re always under threat of commission cuts but now at the end of the season we can start planning our commercial strategy (for the next summer) throughout the winter.

“Now that each consortium is negotiating its own deals, it makes sense for us to put this in place. We have always had an excellent relationship with Libra and Argo and will continue to do so.”

National sales manager for Allbury Travel Group Sharon Rowarth said: “We are very pleased to have secured this agreement, enabling us to continue our association with Global Travel Group.

“Our company offers a terrific portfolio of brands including Libra Holidays, Argo Holidays and Jetlife and we look forward to meeting with members, offering incentives and working closely on marketing opportunities.”