A group of young staff and external entrepreneurs is to collaborate with Movenpick Hotels & Resorts senior management in an effort to gain fresh ideas on how to attract millennial guests.

The company has hand-picked six working for the Swiss company and four young business leaders from locations around the world to provide a truly balanced and international perspective.

The so-called ‘ExCom–Y’ committee members are all from Generation Y, broadly defined as those born in the 1980s and 1990s.

Millennials account for more than 30% of Movenpick’s guests and represent around one-third of the global population.

They blend business trips into personal vacations more than other travellers and rely on online sources for information about their hotels or destinations.

The committee will be called on around five times a year to attend and contribute to executive meetings in various geographical locations.

Human resources senior vice president, Craig Cochrane, said: “As we embark on an unprecedented growth phase, expanding our portfolio at a rapid rate, it’s paramount we seek input and insights from our colleagues, particularly our young talent, who possess an intimate understanding of Generation Y trends.

“As Millennials become a more influential demographic and contribute significantly to our overall guest profile, it is imperative we incorporate their needs and wishes into our hospitality offering.”

He added: “To be successful, we must listen to our team members and to our guests, and the ExCom–Y committee is integral to our human resources and development strategies as we seek progressive methods to evolve our brand and meet future guest and talent demands.”