The Global Business Travel Association has welcomed moves to biometrically verify the exit of foreign visitors to the US.

The issue was the subject of a US homeland security hearing yesterday (Tuesday) which examined efforts by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to establish a biometric exit system.

The aim is to “quickly identify and remove national security and public safety threats who have overstayed their visa”.

Michael McCormick, executive director and chief operating officer of the Washington-based GBTA, said: “CBP’s biometric exit solution, the Traveller Verification System (TVS), has the potential to increase security at the airport and better facilitate travel.

“TVS can be leveraged by the Transport Security Administration to reduce its workforce, help the airlines achieve the goal of a frictionless travel experience and reduce congestion at the airports.”

He added: “Air travel is vital to business travel. Corporations send their travellers on more than 40 million trips a month – most of which include air travel, so finding ways to more efficiently move passengers through security will improve the business travel experience.

“We are encouraged by CBP’s approach to develop public-private partnerships with the air travel industry to ensure that CBP can jointly develop an implementation strategy with key stakeholders that also conforms to their own modernisation plans to improve air travel.

“GBTA continues to look forward to the implementation of biometric exit and a solution that is mutually beneficial for security and convenience.”