A First Choice Airways flight from Gatwick to Cuba had to land in Bermuda on Wednesday after a passenger reportedly tried to open an aircraft door.

A passenger was detained in custody following the air rage incident and the other 256 passengers and 11 crew accommodated overnight in Bermuda. Restrictions on flying times meant the aircraft could not fly on to Cuba until the following lunchtime.

The man, who was travelling in a group, was reported to have been drinking and to have become abusive toward another passenger. He reportedly made a grab for the door when crew tried to calm him.

First Choice Airways flight FCA082 departed Bermuda at 13.10 local time and landed in Cuba about two and three-quarter hours later – approximately 21 hours late.

An airline spokeswoman said: “First Choice Airways operates a zero-tolerance policy to abusive or drunken behaviour on flights.” She said passengers received complimentary meals and refreshments overnight.

Air rage incidents led to the divertion of 14 UK flights last year and another 19 were stopped on take off. But there were more than 2,200 reports of disruptive behaviour by passengers, up from 1,359 the previous year.