Freedom is the most important aspect of a luxury holiday, the Kuoni World Class Luxury Report 2008/09 has revealed.

Kuoni surveyed 1,500 consumers across the country during July this year, finding that 43% ranked freedom as the greatest luxury of a holiday. However, young people under 24 rated quality products twice as important as the over 65s who rated services as twice as important.

A total of 67% believe luxury is something that can be bought. Almost a third of respondents – 30%- claim they consider luxury to be something “exclusive and superior”.

According to the report, women are three times more likely than men to say keeping the children happy makes for a luxurious holiday while four times as many women than men say a fantastic bathroom is a must. Men are most concerned by an efficient concierge and a lively bar once they arrive at the hotel.

The credit crunch is expected to impact trade with 53% of those surveyed claiming they will be spending less on their holidays while 35% will significantly curb their expenditure.