The boss of Heathrow has branded as “categorically untrue” a Sunday Times story which implied that the airport wants to double airport charges with expansion through a third runway.

Chief executive John Holland-Kaye disputed the report from last weekend in a letter published by the newspaper yesterday.

He pointed out that the London hub has been “working hard” to reduce airport charges.

“This year alone we’ve cut domestic charges by £10 while reducing the average per passenger charge by 2.3% to £21.92 – not the £40 figure suggested.” Holland-Kaye said.

“Recently, we shared the progress we’ve made on securing the benefits of expansion – a better airport for passengers with more airline competition driving down fares, more trade and tourism for Britain and fulfilling our commitments to local communities – while reducing the project’s overall cost.”

He added: “Reducing a major project’s cost without sacrificing the benefits is rare, but Heathrow has a strong track record.

“Terminals 2 and 5 were complex projects, and both were delivered on time and on budget. They transformed Heathrow, boosting efficiency and resulting in passengers rating Heathrow the best airport in western Europe three years running.

“Our position on charges is clear: we are working towards keeping them close to current levels. Suggesting anything otherwise is misleading and inaccurate.”


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