At least 59 people are now known to have been killed another 527 injured in the mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert.

Gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel towards an open-air country music festival being held on the Las Vegas strip.

Hundreds of people fled the scene and the sound of prolonged automatic gunfire could be heard on videos posted on social media.

Police responded to reports of an active shooter near the Mandalay Bay Hotel late on Sunday night local time.

They found 23 guns in Paddock’s hotel room as well as more than 19 firearms and explosives at his Nevada home.

But no motive has been discovered for the mass shooting.

Rossi Ralenkotter, president and chief executive of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority said: “The thoughts and prayers of all of Las Vegas go out to the victims and their families.

“This was a horrific, yet isolated, incident. At this time, it is important to allow the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police to conclude their investigation into the incident and to attend to the needs of the victims and their families.

“Las Vegas is a strong community that will work through this tragic incident.

“We are grateful beyond words to our incomparable law enforcement, first responders and everyone who continues to help victims and their families.”