The CAA has been forced to apologise for an “inappropriate” tweet it published yesterday urging people to upload images of its repatriation flights.

The regulator, which is operating a £60 million rescue airline for the 110,000 Monarch customers stranded abroad following Monday’s collapse, later deleted the tweet.

Spotted one of our rescue flights? Let us know by tweeting us a picture. #Monarch

However, the tweet had already prompted a deluge of criticism on the micro-blogging site from users accusing the CAA of a lack of respect.

One user @flybymike wrote: “As now an ex employee I’m disgusted by this tweet, you’re a regulator and shouldn’t be glamorising [sic] a traumatic time for us.”

@KatMansfield replied: “Very inappropriate tweet. What I have spotted since #Monarch collapse is a huge amount of upset! In my own home! #delete and #respect.”

Another, @LVS787, said: “Being one of the 2,100 people who worked for Monarch, I find this highly disrespectful and totally inappropriate.”

The CAA responded with an apology on Twitter saying its focus remains on the flying programme.