The number of UK tourists visiting Mauritius has declined after year-on-year growth from 2015, according Francois Eynaud, chief executive of the Veranda Leisure and Hospitality (VLH) group.

In 2016 the UK market grew by around 10% but this year Eynaud expects growth will be between 3% and 4%.

Eynaud said: “The UK market is going for tours in Asia and Africa instead of traditional beach leisure holidays.”

VLH refurbished three of its hotels this year in Mauritius and Eynaud believes this may be why the growth rate has slowed.

However he fully expects the same rapid rate of growth from 2015 and 2016 to return next year.

He added: “The tourism market will keep growing, because there are more flights and we have the capacity to go up to 2.5million.

“The UK market is a very important and we want to keep on consolidating our position in the UK market.

“Mauritius has much more to offer – not only beach [holidays].”