Tour operator Sunvil has relaunched its brand for the first time in its history as it launches a national TV, radio and press advertising campaign.

The re-brand follows a soft launch in autumn this year, undertaken by creative marketing agency Orchestra. The tour operator’s masterbrand is now Sunvil, rather than Sunvil Holidays, with a new strapline ‘Find the Real Country’.

Product is now grouped under three divisions: Sunvil Holidays for core product such as Greece and Cyprus; Sunvil Discovery for destinations such as Italy, Portugal, Romania and Scandinavia; and Sunvil Traveller, which replaces Sunvil Latin America for longhaul products.

The logo has also been simplified and modernised. It is the first time the brand has been refreshed in this way since its launch more than 35 years ago.

The operator’s advertising campaign goes live on the Travel Channel on January 2 and is also featuring in national newspapers, magazines and on Classic FM radio station. The campaign emphasises different destinations in a generic campaign, which avoids offer-led advertisements, under headings such as ‘the real Azores’.

Orchestra creative director Bob Crampton said: “We have tried to bring Sunvil into the 21st century. Its campaign is not discount-led because its audience is more discerning.”