The protests that closed two Bangkok airports stranding thousands of passengers were not aimed at tourists, said the Thailand Ambassador Kitti Wasinondh.

He admitted the protests, which shut the airports and stranded the tourists for over a week, have had an immediate impact on the number of tourists travelling to the country.

He said: “We would have to admit in the short term there has been an adverse affect. We are very optimistic British tourists will visit Thailand again. But we are worried about the international economic situation which might not be encouraging people to travel.”

He was speaking during a Thailand lunch with members of the travel trade and the media in which he thanked them for their help during the protests.

He added: “We are back to normal. We have a new prime minister and will have a new government in place next week. It has been a tough time for Thailand in the recent past. We feel very sorry for those who were standed in Thailand during that period of time.

“No-one can guarantee there can been no political tension again but that is politics and democracy. It is my conviction the Thailand government will not let the Bangkok airports close again.”

During the event a statement from Tourism Authority of Thailand governor Khun Phornsiri Manoharn said the country would be launching a worldwide recovery campaign to regain the confidence of visitors.

The Thailand government will be organising roadshows, fam trips, incentives and a marketing campaign to assure visitors the country is back to normal.

In the statement she said: “In the 25 years I have worked for TAT this is the worst case scenario I have experienced for the effects on Thailand’s travel and tourism industry.

“I fully appreciate, and you have my understanding, how difficult the past few weeks have been and the negative impacts as a result. Myself and my team are ready and willing to assist you in every way possible so that together we can regain consumer confidence in Thailand and re-boost sales.

“The message is that Thailand is ready to welcome tourists and that the Thai people look forward to welcoming them very soon.”