Ireland’s travel regulator yesterday withdrew the travel agent licence of Heffernan’s Shipping & Tourist Agency.

The company, trading as Heffernan’s Travel and Easy Travel, was unable to fulfil its obligations to its customers, according to the Dublin-based Commission for Aviation Regulation.

“The Commission operates a consumer protection scheme and, if you find you are out of pocket, you may be covered by this scheme,” the regulator said.

“We are currently consulting with the travel agency to see how many passengers are affected.”

No other details were available about the Cork-based company.

The Commission said in a notice issued yesterday: “You are covered by the consumer protection scheme if you purchased a package from Heffernan’s Shipping & Tourist Agency and this package includes travel that commences in Ireland. You are also covered if you bought travel (alone) commencing in Ireland.

“Unfortunately, no other customers are covered by the scheme.

“If you are one of these customers, we advise you to look at the charge back policy of your credit/debit card provider and/or any holiday insurance you may have in place.“

A spokeswoman for the Commission said: “There are no further details available at this time in regards to numbers affected, types of holidays etc. Once these details are confirmed we will issue a further notice to media.”

The company’s website gave no indication this morning of its licence being withdrawn, with holidays and cruises being promoted.

It said: “Over the years Heffernan’s Travel has repeatedly featured in top travel agents awards and we are perceived as one of the most highly competitive and pioneering agencies in the country.

“More importantly we are proud of over 90 years of reputation for providing good value quality holidays at the best price and what is more re-assuring in the current economic climate, Heffernan’s Travel is a fully bonded travel company so don’t take chances with non-bonded companies.”