SeaWorld San Diego is preparing to launch a new ride where two trains will cross on a figure of eight track at 30mph.

On Tidal Twister, riders will twist and bank as if they are riding the tide along a tight, figure-8 track.

Two trains, holding 16 passengers each, will load at opposite ends of the figure of eight and cross in the centre.

Passengers face both forward and backward on the train, which is scheduled to open at the San Diego theme park in May 2019.

Tidal Twister, elevated 16 feet off the ground, will be located adjacent to Aquaria touch pool and aquarium in the north-west corner of the park.

SeaWorld San Diego claims the Tidal Twister is the first roller coaster of its kind.

Park president Marilyn Hannes said: “There is no other coaster experience in the world like Tidal Twister.

“The two trains duel one another and guests will see the excitement on the faces of other riders.

“You’ll almost feel like you can reach out and touch them. The tight turns, the inversion and the airtime hill will leave our guests wondering which way is up.”

Tidal Twister will join Electric Eel and Manta as SeaWorld San Diego’s newest coaster-type ride experience.