The Global Travel Group has set its sights on recruiting more managers from multiples after a flurry of new members from that background over the last two years.

Managing director Andy Stark said experienced agents who wanted to go it alone were increasingly turning to the consortium.

“In the last two years we’ve looked towards travel professionals who are out there at the moment,” said Stark. “We are not being bullish and trying to take agents from other consortia, but we are out there raising awareness.”

On the aim to recruit more managers from multiples, Stark said: “There are a some companies that are closing premises on the high street. That leaves experienced agents out of work. We have a responsibility as an agency to keep them in work and keep them active – and we know we can give them the platform to start their own businesses if they’re ready to take that step.”

He added: “We’ve targeted that [managers of multiples] more. There are lots of examples of managers who want more – who want to own their business – and there are lots of opportunities when multiples are closing shops and we should be keeping them active in the world of travel.”